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YouTube Research Draft Video 3

December 2, 2009

Below I have embedded my third draft video outlining my YouTube research (sorry it’s a little bit over 1 minute!)

Images Used: Google Images
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My own ‘snapshots’ taken using the YouTube website and Screen Capture software

Video Used: Clips from YouTube website taken using Screen Capture software.


A meme is an idea or information that is spread rapidly from person to person through imitation. An Internet meme is therefore such an idea or concept that is spread through the use of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Author Richard Dawkins first introduced the term ‘meme’ in his 1976 book ‘The Selfish Gene’. Dawkins coined the term ‘meme’ from the Greek word ‘mimeme’, which literally translates to ‘something imitated’.

Memes gain increasingly widespread awareness and popularity by spreading through various sources such as email, blogs, forums, social networking sites, and in the case of video memes, through online video websites such as YouTube.

Video memes are usually born from online viral videos, videos that have been spread rapidly and in great numbers, like a virus. These virals videos are open to imitation, through remixes, parodies, and direct imitations.

YouTube users can create their own social network within YouTube by use of comments, video responses, channel subscriptions, and the ‘Friends’ feature on the site. By participating in the ‘meme culture’ of imitating and creating memes, users create a sense of community and connectedness amongst themselves, taking part in a participatory culture within YouTube.


I obviously have more to discuss in my research, it’s difficult to squash it all into a 1 minute video. I also want to obviously go into more detail about how memes develop and how they survive, how Internet memes are also present in the ‘real world’ mainstream media (they are not only confined to the Internet), of course the spreadability of memes (as YouTube videos can be embedded into pretty much any website), perhaps discuss more about the participation and interactivity of memes, especially within YouTube (new media and Web 2.0?).

I am also looking forward to the lecture about memes next week to hopefully gain some more insight into the topic.