YouTube Research Project Proposal Draft (revised)

Below is a revised version of my first draft research proposal for my YouTube research project into the development of memes.


Title: The Development Of Memes’

For my YouTube research project I intend to research into the development of memes. Some of the topics that I want to explore in my research include:
What are memes? How do they spread? How does YouTube allow for the spread of memes? How do they develop? How do memes encourage participation amongst the users of YouTube? And how have memes developed from within Internet culture and into the “real world” mainstream media culture?
I will be using both primary and secondary research methods to structure my research project. For my primary research I will be using the Internet and the video sharing website YouTube to find examples of memes and to study their development in relation to the questions posed above to help me to gain a better understanding of the ‘meme culture’.
For my secondary research I will be using textbooks and Internet sources, including the textbooks ‘YouTube’ (2009) by Jean Burgess and Joshua Green, and ‘New Media: An Introduction’ (2008) by Terry Flew, and an online essay piece written by author Jean Burgess titled ‘All Your Chocolate Rain Are Belong To Us’ (2008). I will be using these to help me to find out more about memes and their development, to help me to structure my own research, and to help to support my own primary research findings.


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