YouTube Research Draft Video 2

Below I have embedded my second draft video for my YouTube research. I am hoping that this draft is more successful at explaining the direction of my research more than the first draft video was.

For my research I want to look into memes, how they begin, how they spread, how they develop through and beyond Internet culture and into mainstream media culture. I also want to include in my research how memes relate to the interactivity and participation of users on YouTube (participatory culture) and social networking of YouTube users.
Users can ‘connect’ with each other through the creation of memes as they allow anybody to get involved/participate by making and uploading their own versions of the meme.

YouTube Research Video Draft 2

Script for the video:

A meme is an idea or information that is spread from person to person via imitation. This, a YouTube meme is an idea interpreted through video, open to imitation by remixes, parodies and direct copies of the video.
Author Richard Dawkins coined the term ‘meme’ in his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene”. The term was coined from the Greek word ‘mimeme’, which literally translates to ‘something imitated’.
Users create and re-create memes on YouTube to express themselves, to share their interests, and to collaborate with other YouTube users. This begins to create a sense of community and connectness amongst the users of YouTube, demonstrating the participatory culture within the site, and is the basis of social networking.


Images used from Google Images
Video clips from YouTube


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