First Draft of YouTube Research Video

Below I have embedded a 1 minute first draft video outlining the ideas that I have to undertake my YouTube research project:

For my research, I decided to look into viral video and memes – what they are, how viral video spreads and how quickly, how memes are produced from the original videos, and how memes have “crossed over” into the mainstream media.
The inspiration for this last point came from this ‘Know Your Meme – All Your Base’ discussion video:

I used the ‘Super Screen Recorder’ screen capture software (found here to capture clips from YouTube videos to use as examples of viral videos in my draft video. I wasn’t able to record the audio to these videos using this same software, so I used the ‘Replay Music 3’ software (found here ) to capture the audio. I used Adobe Photoshop to create the text slides, and I used Adobe Premiere Pro editing software to edit the footage, audio and text slides together into my 1 minute draft YouTube video.


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