YouTube Research Project – More Ideas

As the subject of my YouTube research project I decided to look into how viral video (or “memes” as they are also known by) spreads and how they are ‘remixed’ as they are spread and as they become more well-known and recognised. Also, to look at those videos that have been remixed from the originals and if the remixed videos contain any recognisable elements seen in the original videos. This is still just an idea I have, subject to change.

Some videos that I have been watching and making notes on on YouTube are the ‘Numa Numa’ video (YouTube video embedded into previous blog post), the ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ video, and the ‘Downfall’ meme videos.

‘Charlie Bit My Finger’

A remixed version of ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’

One of the many ‘Downfall’ meme videos on YouTube

A remixed version of ‘Numa Numa’

(Ignore the cheesy high-pitched, sped-up singing/dancing number at the end of the video)

All of these videos plus others that I have been looking at still contain certain recognisable elements from the original videos, as kind of a homage to the original videos.


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